Frequently Asked Questions for Organizers

Have some more questions on organizing a bootcamp location? Well, maybe we can answer them here.

Q: What does it take for me to organize a bootcamp location?

A: It is really quite simple! First you create an account for yourself on this website and then you create your event location. This puts a pin on the map for your event! You naturally also need to agree to the organizer agreement! All that remains now is to find a venue location to meet at, line up some speakers and content! A good way to do this is find a local company with interest in this event, arrange a meeting room (or a couple) and kindly ask if they want to provide lunch for attendees. We will help you with content, but the location is something we would like you to take care of.

Q: What’s the deadline to sign up a new location?

A: Please register your event with us by Sunday, March 31, 2019. Events can not be added after this date, will not be considered Global Azure Bootcamp locations and will not benefit from any resources made available such as content, labs, access to the global sponsors and so on. Also read about the catering sponsorship below!

You can register an event by creating an account on this website and then create your event location.

Q: I’ve registered a location, but why does it shows as pending?

A: In order for a location to be set as confirmed all the information regarding the event must be included, especially a URL for registration and information about your location. If you don’t have a URL where we can see that registration is available, or at least information is available about your event at that URL, we will leave it in a Pending state. This is not a bad thing, your location is “registered with us”, but we only want to mark those confirmed when the event is far enough along. Having a web location set up that describes your event, allows for potential attendees to contact you and, especially has registration ready, tells us you are really ready to go. We’d also like to see the community URL field completed, so that we can direct people in your area to your community even after the big day!

You can set up free registration via sites like Event Day, Eventbrite, etc. You can also host a free website on Azure to provide additional information about your event.

We check locations manually, so if you are all set, with your registration site URL included, it may take up to a week before your location shows as Ready. If after a week you still see your event as pending, then reach us through the “Contact Us” form.

Q: How can I set up registration for my local event?

A: Usually locations use a service like Meetup. Feel free to use any site or service you wish, but we require some sort of registration that can be linked to in order to make your location “Ready” and not be considered “Pending” on our locations page.

Q: Do you have more resources to help me plan?

A: Absolutely. You can download the Organizers Planning Guide. This has a ton of good information in it, including links to more resources, information about the event, tips for where to look for local sponsors, etc. Note that it’s a document that may see updates up to the time the event occurs. Updates will be announced on the forums and there is a version number and date on the first page in the top right corner.

In addition to the planning guide there is content for your presentations and sessions available in the form of the Technical Community Content site on GitHub. This is a great resource for slide decks, hands on labs and code. We also recommend checking out Channel 9 for videos, slide decks and more on Azure.

Q: Why does the Global Admin team need all this data they ask for?

A: We understand that it can take some time to collect, but we need the data for several reasons:

We get global sponsorship and help marketing the event from Microsoft based on data. We show how many events are being organized, possible number of attendees before the event, and then we report actual attendee count after the event. We need this data to help the event, please be quick about filling it in.

The global sponsors listed on the Global Azure Bootcamp website shall not be contacted directly by you. If you have questions around global sponsorship please direct those to our “Contact Us” form. This saves them from having to send out the same information to many different organizers.

We also provide local organizers names and community names to Microsoft to let them know who is helping worldwide and let them promote our and your event. Together with Microsoft, we are also planning on releasing a website that is a collection of user groups worldwide, making it easier for your attendees to find your user group.

If you give out prizes from our global sponsors that require information on the winners, we need that info ASAP after your event closes. This helps us get the info to the vendor and get the prize to the winner quicker. Our vendors don’t want a bunch of little emails so we batch these up and if we end up waiting on locations this extends how long it takes.

Q: Does it have to be on April 27st?

A: The short answer is, if you want to call it the Global Azure Bootcamp event and get the goodies from the global sponsors then Yes, it should be on April 27st or perhaps the wee hours of the 28nd since in some places in the world it’s still the 27st.

However, if you want to run your own local Azure Bootcamp on a different date we think that’s great. We’d be happy to provide the same content when it’s ready that we do for the Global event, but you won’t be able to participate with any labs running the day of the Global event.

The Global Admin team spent a lot of time struggling to come up with a date for the event. There were tears, screaming, grinding of teeth and many, many emails. We apologize if we’ve picked someone’s birthday or national holiday.

Q: I’m a co-organizer, do I have to register an event as well?

A: No. If a lead organizer has already registered an event that you are helping out with then creating an account on this website will give you access to the forums but it isn’t necessary for you to create another event. The Global Admin team will be on the lookout for events in the same locations to make sure that folks aren’t duplicating efforts.

Q: Can there be more than one event in a given city?

A: The short answer is Yes. It is possible that multiple event locations can be in the same city; however, it might make sense that the local organizers team up and simply get a larger venue together, or have multiple tracks, etc. We ask that the local organizers work together to ensure that they just aren’t splitting their impact. If they think that for the most part they would just be doing the same things in different locations then it might be best to join forces so that they can share in local sponsorships. If they want to do different things, or if they think that the market can support both locations easily (maybe due to the size of the city for example) they should work to ensure that potential attendees know what they are getting at each location and that they don’t show up at the “wrong” location. One example of this might be that one location provides content for IT Pros while the other focuses on Developers.

The Global Admin team will be on the look out for events registered in the same locations and will make introductions for the organizers when it makes sense.

Q: I’ve run an event in my city the last four years and someone has stolen it! Can you tell them to give it back?

A: First off, you are completely awesome for hosting a local event in previous years! Thank you!

Second, this is a community event, which means that the goal is teach the development and IT Pro communities about Azure. It’s not about what company is throwing the event, or who is organizing it. Reach out to the other organizer and see if you can team up to deliver a great event together. If not, then please see the previous question about multiple locations.

The Global Team will NOT block someone from organizing a location because someone else has previously organized one in the same city. Think of it like the treaty about the Moon. No one owns it. We explore and learn from it for all mankind.

Q: What can a Global Azure Bootcamp day look like?

A: Some locations run sessions for the day, other locations go deep hands on with Azure labs and workshops. Some locations have done a geek barbecue with attendees. It is completely up to you. It’s YOUR event after all!

If you need some help planning you can download the Organizers Planning Guide. This has a ton of good information in it, including links to more resources, information about the event, tips for where to look for local sponsors, etc. Note that it’s a document that may see updates up to the time the event occurs. Updates will be announced on the forums and there is a version number and date on the first page in the top right corner.

In addition to the planning guide there is content for your presentations and sessions available in the form of the Technical Community Content site on GitHub.

Q: Can I charge the attendees for my local event?

A: We really, really would encourage you not charge a fee for the event; however, we don’t expect the organizers to pay for the event out of their own pocket either. We suggest that local organizers find local sponsors to help pay for some of the event cost, hopefully to the point where the event is free to attendees. Sometimes local Microsoft might be able to help out finding a sponsor, a venue or something else that helps you along. Naturally resources and availability will vary around the world and no claim can be made that local Microsoft must assist you. Rather view this as one avenue to explore when creating a free to attend event. If a fee is necessary we ask that you charge no more than necessary to cover the cost of the event. This should not be a means to making a profit on the event.

Q: Can I have a private event, or just one hosted in my company?

A: We’d prefer if you didn’t. The event is based on sharing knowledge about Azure with the community and should be open to anyone to register and attend. This may mean that you need to verify with your facility that there are no restrictions on who can be there. For example, if you find a facility that is owned by the government, or certain government contractors, they may have a requirements for anyone in the building to be a natural citizen of the hosting country. This would limit who can attend your local event and should be avoided.

Q: What about sponsors?

A: We have two kinds of sponsors: global and local sponsors. The global sponsors are companies that want to provide some giveaways for all attendees at all locations. We have several tools vendors giving away licenses and goodies to all locations. Don’t contact the global sponsors directly! We are working with them to provide you with some good giveaways. They would go crazy if a couple hundred location organizers contact them one by one so we will take care of this for you.

The local sponsors are companies in your region. Since you are organizing a location, it’s up to you to find someone who is willing to sponsor the meeting room(s), lunch and potentially other items.

Q: How can we get Azure Passes for our attendees?

A: Azure Passes will be provided in limited quantities, while supplies last. This year the Azure Pass will be an $80 pass which is good for 1 month after it is redeemed. You can request Azure Passes through a request form.

Q: I want to be a local sponsor – can that be arranged?

If you are willing to sponsor someone to organize a Global Azure event with you as the sponsoring company that’s great! Get in touch through the “Contact Us” form. Note that you don’t have to sponsor all locations. Feel free to cherry pick some and contact the local organizers and work something out with them.

Q: Can I get some giveaways? Like posters, stickers or something?

A: Microsoft is offering a limited supply of stickers to be shipped out to locations. You can request them before the deadline by completing the SWAG request form. For additional items, we recommend leveraging your local Microsoft sales teams, and local sponsors, as they may be able to get you some posters, stickers, water bottles, etc. from the local offices. If you don’t know who to contact in your area then use the “Contact Us” form and we’ll get you introduced! Read on for information about digital giveaways!

Q: Can I get food for my location?

A:  Microsoft has stepped up as a Global Sponsor in a big way, providing funds for catering again for 2019. You can find out more about catering on our catering page.

Not all locations are supported, based on if there is a participating Subway close enough. If you happen to fall into a location not supported by the Subway worldwide catering offer, we highly suggest reaching out to local sponsors for help.

Q: When will the local organizers receive all the digital giveaways, lab instructions and such?

Digital giveaways are either something you can give to all of your attendees, or something you’ll get a limited number of and can decide how to distribute them. These giveaways come from our global sponsors. Be sure to tweet about them or similar to say thanks for the giveaways for Global Azure!

You can hold a raffle at the end, or supply them to people who correctly answer quiz questions, or complete a lab early, etc. You decide! These prizes are provided by our Global Sponsors. You’ll learn more about the global sponsors and the digital prizes as we get closer to the event. Instructions and assets for these digital prizes will be sent one week prior to the event to the lead organizer’s email address.

An announcement will be made on the forums of this site when the information is sent out and the content will be emailed to the LEAD ORGANIZER for each event. About a week before the big day you should expect instructions on the global digital giveaways and such.

Please note that the _only_ way to get the prizes for the sponsored digital giveaways is to fill out the location evaluation form which will be sent to the LEAD ORGANIZER after the Global Azure Bootcamp event! In other words, you _have to_ evaluate Global Azure as an Organizer in order for your digital giveaway winners to receive their prize!

Q: Can I print up shirts or other items with the Global Azure Logo??

Yes. Pull down the image from the media page and go from there.

Q: Can I get a subdomain under

A: Yes, yes you can! Global Azure Bootcamp allows registering a subdomain of on which you can host your own event website. When registering or editing your location, provide us with your desired subdomain (e.g. and the CNAME record we should create for it. We ask that the site you provide has some information about your local event immediately visible so that attendees interested in your location will know how to get registered and learn about your event.

For example if you want to register and you have a server listening for it on IP address, then provide brussels as the subdomain and as the DNS record. If you want to register and you have an Azure Web App (not the free plan!) ready for it at, then provide brussels as the subdomain and as the DNS record. We do not support A records for Azure Web Apps, so make sure to always use the CNAME if your site is hosted in Azure Web Apps.

Note that this is NOT a redirecting service. We only provide DNS.

Q: I had a subdomain last year, what happened to it?

A: The short answer is that we cleaned out the DNS records from last year completely. If you had one last year try to add it in again this year when you create your event location. Try to select a name that isn’t scoped so large it would run into contention with other events. For example, choosing is really not descriptive of where your location is, and there are lot of other locations in the United States. Maybe would be better.

We do know of several organizers who have put together shared sites, like, and then each location in Spain was offered a page on the site. This is completely acceptable, and actually quite awesome. Community FTW!

Q: My subdomain does not work on Azure Web Apps. But why?

A: Good question! There are many possible causes, but here’s a list of things to check.

  • When you are hosting on Azure Websites, you have to use a CNAME record. We do not currently support A records for Azure Web Apps. Make sure that your event’s subdomain on this website is registered as a CNAME (e.g. instead of an IP address.
  • Did you configure the website through the Azure portal? You’ll have to enable your subdomain before it is accepted by the Azure Website.
  • We update our nameservers upon saving your event. Usually this works, sometimes it doesn’t. Check if your subdomain resolves by opening a command prompt and running the following command:
    nslookup -type=CNAME
    If this returns the URL to your Azure Website, all is fine and the above two items may need to be corrected. If it returns, contact us so we can update your subdomain DNS.