What about Global Azure Bootcamp 2020?

The Global Azure 2020 has been announced! The three dates on which you can run an event at your location are April 23-25 2020! Registrations for new event locations will open up soon on the new domain. All things will be revealed soon. We appreciate you asking about us and how things are going – the excitement is building and we ask for a few more days of patience to get all things ready for you! We will announce here, on twitter @globalazure and everywhere else when you can register your event location!

Global Azure 2020 is happening bigger and better than any previous year! Don’t take our word for it – ask Mark Russinovich! 🙂

 The Global Staff:
@noopman, @SjoukjeZaal @martinabbott@wesleycabus, @fincooper, @iamalexmang and @davidjrh