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    David Rodriguez

    Hi, on this thread we will try to solve any doubt about how to run the Science Lab. We plan to start doing the first global tests by the end of March, so stay tuned!



    For event planning purposes, I’d really like to know an estimation of how long this lab will take for people to get up and running. I’m considering this as the first lab of the event so people can be doing science throughout the rest of the event but need to know how much time I should allocate before getting the some learning presentations.


    David Rodriguez

    Hi Nick,

    The lab can take around 30-45min to be completed. The idea of the lab will be:
    1. Introduction to the science lab: we will provide a few slides to set the context
    2. Deploy the lab client: currently our idea is to have two parts:
    2.1. Deploy the client on Azure Container Instances
    2.2. Deploy the client on Docker for Desktop
    3. Checking the results on the global dashboards, just for fun. (you can see an example of last Science Lab dashboards to have an idea on this link https://gablab2017.azurewebsites.net/)

    I recommend to do this early in the morning, so people can start appearing on the dashboards as soon as possible. You can book a slot for this or have a separate room where people interested can go there and deploy the lab client, with the help of somebody from the local organization. Feel free to use whatever best works for you.

    I also recommend a final daily recap at the end of the event showing the global dashboards, and how much the location has contributed to the science. Hey, what if somebody founds a new exoplanet candidate?

    We will be sharing more info shortly, with the materials for the science lab. I will keep you posted

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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