SWAG and Azure Passes

Giveaways and SWAG are provided by our Global Sponsors. The majority of these come in the form of digital giveaways that will be emailed to the main organizer for each location about a week prior to the big event. Some items, provided by Microsoft, require you to sign up early in order to ensure they arrive on time as they are physically shipped to you.

Microsoft is graciously offering Azure Passes, which are good for up to $80 of Azure spend and last for 1 month after redemption. This will be plenty for participants to experiment with the features and services of Azure they see at the Azure Global Bootcamp. If the organizer is an MVP, they can pick up the Azure passes and physical swag at the MVP Global Summit in March, otherwise, they can be mailed directly to organizers.

SWAG this year is in the form of Global Azure Bootcamp stickers for participants and a tote bag for the organizer.

You can request SWAG and passes by completing the request form.

The SWAG deadline is March 29th in order to ensure shipping time internationally.

The Azure Pass Deadline is April 19th as they can be sent digitally.

Both offers require your location to be marked as “Ready” before they will be approved. Also, both offers are subject to availability and must be reviewed by the Microsoft team, so please submit your requests soon.