United States – Boca Raton

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  1. Edward English says:

    I am very interested in attending this event. Will this be a go?

  2. Nathalie Vaiser says:

    This is for “2019 Global Azure Bootcamp Day” right?

    Can you please provide more details on how the Raspberry Pi fits in with learning Azure? The description of this day mentions “one-day deep dive class on Azure”. I realize Microsoft gives you some latitude on exactly what content to teach this day, but I was hoping to send some people over who want to learn about Azure.

    • hroggero says:

      Hi Natalie. The morning sessions will be about how to use specific Azure services (Service Bus Topics/Queues, Azure Cognitive Services, Machine Learning), and the afternoon will be a hands-on lab with RPis to use what we learned in the morning for the most part.

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