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Daniel Mar

Daniel is a MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management in Australia, he works as a consultant for the company Infront Consulting Group. Daniel has extensive virtualisation experience with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft solutions back to the days when Hyper-V was known as Viridian. His focus today is now more on Virtualisation and Cloud Management.

5 Responses

  1. Hi Daniel Can you please put me on the waitlist?


  2. Dharmendra Kumar says:

    Can I please be on the waitlist?

  3. Daniel says:

    Hi all, The waitlist is already full, unfortunately we can accommodate more on the waitlist and the venue is limited in terms of space. We will be asking those registered to release their spot if they can’t make it any longer after the agenda / speakers /sessions is published so we can maximise attendance to this event.

  4. Jon says:

    How come you guys can’t get a big enough place for a global event like this? So ppl going to miss out.

  5. Daniel Mar says:

    Hi Jon, We didn’t anticipate this large number of people interested in attending, given it’s a Saturday and also a public holiday the following Tuesday. Next year we will take the feedback and see how we can improve, also a larger event also requires more sponsors, unless we look to charge a small fee for those attending to make sure those who register will actually attend. Unfortunately for this years event we cannot change the venue and there is an upper maximum which we cannot exceed.

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