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    Maarten Balliauw

    Hello Global Azure Organizer!

    Last year #GlobalAzure ran at 136 locations in 54 countries around the globe on the same day! This year… Well it’s time to register your locations and get those pins on the map! We are now open for accepting “Events” on our web site.

    The fine print:
    The #GlobalAzure event is huge and it is a really big undertaking for everyone involved. We have sponsors as well as other interested parties (read: Microsoft mainly) who want to know how we are doing. If you decide to host a #GlobalAzure location we want to make sure the process is as smooth and awesome as possible for the global organization and more importantly for you who organize your local event. For the purpose of full disclosure we have created an Event Organizer Agreement which lists your tasks as a Global Azure Event Organizer. We want you to read this before you create your location event! There is also a FAQ on our web site where continuously update with answers to common questions regarding #GlobalAzure: Frequently Asked Questions for Organizers.

    Pin your event on the map:
    Next step is creating a new event for your location and getting your pin on the Map of GlobalAzure 2015 locations!

    Yes we now support subdomains!
    Just want to call out a new feature compared to last year that a lot of you have asked for – subdomains on the azurebootcamp.net domain! The global site is hosted at the https://global.azurebootcamp.net domain. If you want to control local information about your event, perhaps in your local language, you can now register a DNS subdomain under azurebootcamp.net! Perhaps you want one for your single location/city malmo.azureboocamp.net or maybe one for your country sweden.azureboocamp.net in collaboration with other events in your region. Regardless this is now available and we only ask that you link back to the global site from your country/event sites. We will then list and link to all of your sites from the global site! On the global site we will have information for everyone on the big day so all attendees should know about this resource in addition to your subdomain.

    If you have questions or need a clarification or just want to chat you can always post on the Global Azure Forums. If there is anything else go ahead and email global@azurebootcamp.net.

    The Global Admin Team: Magnus, Mike, Mike, Maarten, Alan and Scott.

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