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    Global Azure Bootcamp – The final practicals


    The location count for 2017 is 247 with 7 left in a pending state. That's 254 locations in total! This is the most we've ever done and all of you are making it a reality!
    This is it! The last newsletter before the big event this coming Saturday! Are you ready? We are!
    This newsletter has a metric ton of information in it, so please be sure to read through it completely. We have information about the science lab, slide decks, videos, giveaways and more.

    Welcome Video & Materials!

    While the Global Azure Bootcamp is a completely community run event, we heavily supported by Microsoft and our awesome Global Sponsors. This year we have a special Welcome video you can play for your attendees as you get started for the day. Check it out:

    In addition to the welcome video we have created some introductory slides, as well as some slides you can use for the raffle. You can download these slides:
    Checkout the welcome slide deck! (download here)

    Science Lab

    One of the missions of Global Azure Bootcamp is to provide a lab that gives researchers access to large scale computing resources to help process vast quantities of data. In previous years we have tried to bring you a science lab that is both interesting and represents great research. This year is no exception, this year we bring you the stars themselves! You can read more about the science behind the lab on our Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Science Lab page! You can use the lab as a example of how distributed cloud computing can solve real world (or in this case, real universe!) problems.
    To take part in the Science Lab your attendees will need to create an Azure Batch account and deploy some packages through Azure Resource Manager. To make this as painless as possible, we've created a set of simple to follow instructions to both deploy and remove the Science Lab components. You can find instructions for the Science Lab here.
    A lab key will have to be provided during setup, which is in the form of XXX-YYY-ZZZ.
    Note that you will have to share this key with your attendees so they can join in the lab. If no key is shown, make sure to check with the main organizer for your event location – it should be in their inbox.
    To make things more interesting we have created a dashboard that allows you to see your "score" against others in your region or around the world.
    We hope you enjoy taking part in the lab and making a positive contribution to this great area of science!

    Remember the Organizer's Guide

    The Organizer's Guide isn't just for preparing for the event! There are many tips for how to execute your event on the big day. Make sure to scan through the tips in the guide. Also, there is an Appendix of the questions that will be on the after event survey so you can gather up all the answers before you start the survey. Please take the time to review this document!
    Checkout the organizer's guide! (download here)

    Racing Lab

    Once again this year Alan Smith has provided us the Global Azure Racing Lab! The GAB Racing Game Lab allows Global Azure Bootcamp attendees around the world to compete with each other to set the fastest lap times in a 3D driving game. The back-end game services are hosted in Azure and will process the lap time, telemetry data and achievements unlocked in the game.
    To take part in the racing lab do the following:

    We highly recommend checking out the related Hands On lab, or the behind the scenes video of how it all works.
    You will need to use your lab key to access the site and play the game. A lab key will have to be provided during setup, which is in the form of XXX-YYY-ZZZ
    Note that you will have to share this key with your attendees so they can join in the lab. If no key is shown, make sure to check with the main organizer for your event location – it should be in their inbox.
    Please note that all testing times played before the official start of Global Azure will be removed.

    Catering Check

    If you are receiving catering support from Microsoft you should have already received contact information for your local caterer. Now is the time to double check your registration numbers. If you are going to have less people than you expected, reach out to the caterer to let them know so that food is not wasted. 

    Aftermath! – Post Event Survey

    Each year we ask that the local organizers complete an after event survey. This not only helps us improve for the following year, but it is how we gather information we use to pull in global sponsors and report the winners for some of the digital giveaways. It is extremely important that every location answers the survey! When we go to Microsoft or Global Sponsors and say, "We had 10 thousand people come in 2017" we do that using the numbers reported from this survey. It's also how we get all the names of the local organizers and helpers so that we can share those as part of our yearly whitepaper. We want to recognize all the great people who make this event a reality! Help us do that!
    Steps to successful after event survey:

    1. Prepare you answers ahead of time by looking over the Appendix in the Organizer's Guide of all the main questions on the survey.
    2. After the event gather all the digital giveaway winners you need to report.
    3. After the event go to https://www.surveybuilder.com/s/nyy1n and answer the survey 

    The deadline to complete the survey is  Sunday, May 7th. That's two weeks! Should be plenty of time to get that in, but we highly encourage you to do knock this out at the end of your event or the next day!

    Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors!

    We have a great line up of Global Sponsors this year! Above is a link to the welcome slides, which includes slides with the Global Sponsors listed. Please make sure that you show these slides to your attendees and take the time to thank the sponsors. These sponsors are why we can give the digital giveaways, provide catering to some locations and more. They deserve time for thanks!

    Finally, a Big Thank You!

    Only a couple more days to go before the big day and we at the Global Organizer Team want to say, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We had no idea that we'd still be doing this after five years, not to mention how much of a success this event has become. It has grown because of you, the local organizers. When we describe this event to people at Microsoft the response is always the same, "That's Awesome!" Our response is: "That's community."
    Keep making it Awesome!
    The Global Azure Admin Team:
    Martin Abbott @martinabbott, Maarten Balliauw @maartenballiauw, Wesley Cabus @wesleycabus, Mike Martin @techmike2kx, Magnus Mårtensson @noopman and Mike Wood @mikewo.


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