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    Martin Abbott

    Its official, we’re BIGGER than ever!

    Compared to last year we haven’t just beaten the number of registered locations, we’ve completely destroyed it!

    Thanks to all organisers and co-organisers for once again making this the biggest (and BEST!) globally recognised and supported Azure event.

    Since our last newsletter we’ve added some great new sponsors:

    • Cloud Portam are offering every attendee a 3 month subscription to the Personal Edition of their browser-based Azure Storage solution and a 6 month subscription to all speakers
    • Zudio is a cross platform, cross device Azure storage management solution and each attendee can claim a free 6 month subscription
    • JetBrains is one of the leading names in development tooling and for each location they are offering a full license for a product of choice to be raffled on the day

    As we are less than 4 weeks away from the big day, it is time for you to start making some noise. Don’t forget the Media Kit that you can use to help advertise your event, but why not also get in contact with local media outlets or promote your event through Twitter and Facebook.

    If you haven’t done so already, now is also the time to get a registration page up, start gathering names and start planning your day. This is your event, you choose the content, and you choose the running order, but there is also plenty of content available in the Azure DevCamp presentations if you want somewhere to start. For more details about the day take another look at the Organiser’s Planning Guide.

    Work is continuing on readying the global charity lab and there is also a great racing game for you to play with so even more chance for your location to really show everyone who’s the boss. Listen out for further announcements on that as we get closer to the day.

    On 1st April new event registrations will close as we get ready to ship out the swag that you’ll be able to give out to your attendees so make sure all your details are present and correct to ensure you get your care package in plenty of time.

    It really is not long now so as always if you’ve got any questions then check the FAQ, ask a question in the forum or send an email to global@azurebootcamp.net.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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