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    Mike Wood

    Wow… it’s only 37 more days until the big day on April 25th!

    April 1st New Event Location Deadline

    If you have been planning an event location but you haven’t actually registered an event yet you have until April 1st to do so. Yes, that’s April Fool’s Day, but this is no joke. After April 1st we will be closing the new event registration page so that we can prepare the packages to be sent out to each location. If you know of others who are thinking about setting up an event location urge them to get on the map. Actually, the sooner you can get signed up the better!

    Marketing Push for Attendees!
    Now’s the perfect time to be doing your final marketing push to your potential attendees. On our end we have asked that a banner be added to http://azure.microsoft.com that points to our locations map page so that Azure users around the world can find a location to attend. You may also notice that the Azure Community Events page lists many of our currently registered event locations!

    This is awesome exposure for your event location and even more reason to make sure you’ve updated your event location details to include your registration page and where to find out more about your event. To add details log in to the Global Azure website and then from the menu in the upper right hand corner select Events > My Events. Modify the Details and you’re all set!

    Need some help with an event home page?
    Last newsletter we shared an completely awesome example of an event home page from the local organizers in Singapore. Punit Ganshani has shared the website code via GitHub for any to use!

    To EU Event Locations
    Mihail Mateev (mihail@mateev.net) is one of our local event organizers for Sofia, Bulgaria. He has registered a domain name of http://azure-camp.eu/ that he’s be happy to provide subdomains to for any EU based event location. Please email him if you have an interest.

    Resources, Resources, Resources
    There are several resources for you out on the Global Azure Boot Camp website.
    – The 2015 Organizers Planning Guide
    – The Media Kit (which will be updated soon)
    – The 2015 Official GlobalAzure Logo
    – The FAQ for Organizers

    Got Questions?
    If you have any questions, please hit us up on the Forums or email global@azurebootcamp.net.

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