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    Martin Abbott

    Can you believe it, we are now just a week away from the Big Event, exciting!

    We have a short video by none other than Scott Guthrie, Mark Russinovich and Scott Hunter talking about Global Azure Bootcamp.

    This would be a great introduction to your event, head on over to Ch9 and take a look!

    So far this year we have 144 confirmed events with 32 still showing as Pending.

    We really want everyone to be Ready, so if you are one of the Pending events please make sure to update your event details with a link to your registration page and let us know at global@azurebootcamp.net.

    Let People Know

    If you are struggling to get attendees to your event, the best way to overcome this is to do a bit of advertising! This can be something like contacting local User Group leads, or your local Microsoft office to help with promotion, or use social networking to help drive people in your direction.

    Before and on the day itself, make sure that when talking about the event on Twitter you use the hashtag #GlobalAzure. This not only promotes your event but also allows the Global Admins to track the buzz!


    We are finalising the list of global sponsors for the event, if you’d like to see the latest list head over to our Sponsors page.

    This page contains details of all the different digital giveaways that you can expect to receive for your event. We will send out an email (our “Care Package”) to organisers before the event containing more details of these offers along with the information that we need to capture, so if you are one of those keep your eyes peeled for that.


    Unfortunately we were unable to get an algorithm this year to provide a charity science lab, but we are once again giving access to the Global Azure Bootcamp Racing Game Lab. If you had set aside time in your schedule for the science lab, you can substitute the Racing lab for it. There is a lot of information from Alan on how the game is designed and run completely on Azure!

    The lab allows Global Azure Bootcamp attendees around the world to compete with each other to set the fastest lap times in a 3D driving game. The back-end game services are hosted in Azure and will process the lap time, telemetry data and achievements unlocked in the game.

    The game is now live, and available for organisers to test. This will allow them to get a feel of the game and the lab, and to plan them into their event timetable. It will also be a great opportunity to discover and resolve any bugs and issues in the game, and resolve them before the big day. This will of course open up an impromptu competition among the organizers over who can set the best times.

    To take part in the test drive it would be great if you can do one or more of the following:

    • Verify that you can access the website using your lab key (instructions provided below).
    • Install the game and verify that it works on your hardware and on your network.
    • Drive a lap or two, and try to beat some of the other organizers times.
    • Check out the hands-on lab.
    • Report any issues with the game to Alan at cloudcasts.net@gmail.com.

    Check out the Racing Game Hands-on Lab Implementation video for details on the how install and play the game.

    The website for the game is located at: http://gabracinglab.azurewebsites.net/

    You will need to use your lab key to play the game, and please note that all testing times will be removed from the high scores table when the Global Azure Bootcamp event starts.

    For more information also check out the Global Azure Racing Lab 2016 page.

    Event Survey

    The Event Survey is critical and allows us to collect important information about your event such as number of attendees, giveaway winners and any feedback you may have. We will be sending out details of the Event Survey in the digital “Care Package” and ask all the organisers to ensure the survey is completed as soon as the event is finished.

    Completing it quickly is important for a few reasons. First, the memories are still fresh and it will be easier to complete. Second, this is how we may collect some of the digital giveaway winners, so if you want your winners to get their prizes you have to fill this survey out. Finally, the information will be published in the April Azure Newsletter from Microsoft so we need it quickly to ensure the data is as correct as possible.

    The Survey is at http://bit.ly/globalazure2016survey. Please complete this the day of the event if you can.

    Try new apps on Azure Marketplace and become Super Human

    Sharpen your skills and gain experience

    Feeling Super Human? Our friends at Azure Marketplace have created five hands-on-labs that let you try the hottest apps from KEMP, Hortonworks, Barracuda, Chef, and Docker in Azure Marketplace. With each lab, you’ll gain experience in big data, network protection, infrastructure automation, load balancing and traffic management as well as app containerization that can help take your work and business to the next level. Anyone can use the labs, and if you are in the U.S. and complete the lab you can choose a prize between a Crazyflie 2.0 mini drone or an Azure Pass.
    Get started today!

    Enjoy Yourselves!

    We’re nearly there, all your hard work and effort is about to pay off and people are going to have a great day learning all about Azure.

    As usual, if you have any questions please email us at global@azurebootcamp.net.

    For now, thanks for all the efforts so far and let’s make this the best Azure event on the calendar!


    The Global Azure Bootcamp Team



    Rob Snabilie

    Serious NO charity LAB?

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