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    Maarten Balliauw

    Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 is lined up to be the biggest bootcamp yet – appropriate for our fifth year anniversary! At time of sending this mail 178 locations have signed up which means that well over 10 000 attendees world-wide will show up for Global Azure 2017! This event is truly remarkable and clearly shows the greatness, inspiration and excitement we find together for the Azure Platform!

    This is a long newsletter and it is an important one! There are several sponsorship offerings below, including free lunch and free azure passes! Please read to the bottom and take action! Help make Global Azure 2017 the greatest community event on the planet!

    Get engaged with Global Azure!

    Friends! Let’s bring even more friends! Please go to the social media of your choice and brag that you are part of our great community event! This is we the community who owns Global Azure, not Microsoft at all, though they naturally happily support us. We should feel proud for what we are doing here!

    We can make Global Azure even bigger if we reach out together! Send us links to your posts and we will help you amplify! @azure, @msdev, @mvpaward and other social media handles at MS are also onboard to help out – spread their messages too!

    Get “Ready” and order Catering!

    If your location is still marked “Pending” it means you have not provided sufficient information for it to be marked as “Ready”. The most commonly missing pieces of data are local Microsoft contact person and registration URL where your attendees may register for your event. Go to our homepage and edit your event to add the required information for “Ready”-status! If you have any questions on what you are missing currently please email us straight away global@azurebootcamp.net.

    As many of you know we have a great sponsor this year in Microsoft Developer Experience (DX) who sponsor all Global Azure Bootcamp locations with over 30 attendees with lunch! Yes that’s right folks there is such a thing as a free lunch! It is very important that you submit your catering request forms by April 3rd or you will _not_ get any lunch for your attendees through this sponsorship! There are some limitations and a budget, so read more on our let them have Lunch page!

    Get your events registered for the site, or in case you are not organizing this year – find the person who would organize an event and inform them about Global Azure Bootcamp! Send this link to anyone you can think off who runs a community: Global Azure Organizer FAQ.

    Free labs, training content and Azure passes for you to use!

    We know that many locations want good new material to use for the Global Azure day. We also know that some locations in the world have for instance many student developers joining the day. Not everyone has easy access to Azure. We have something great for you!

    There is lots of great brand new and fresh content available in the Technical Community Content GitHub repository for you to freely use! Take a closer look for instance at the Xamarin Mobile Development Content where we have an additional sponsor! In case your attendees want to practice these demonstrations, Microsoft would like to provide 1-month, $100 Azure Passes for your attendees if you can commit to presenting this deck and showing this 2:00-minute video. We will be distributing a link to the Azure Pass request form via our website beginning March 17th.

    Please note that it is completely up to you if you wish to use this resource. You own and control your user group event and what is appropriate for you, but let us tell you that this material is brand new and should be very current and very good! If your attendees could use $100 worth of Azure for training then you should help them enable it!

    For many additional topics have a look here:

    • Advanced Analytics/Power BI
    • Big Data and Analytics
    • Cloud Computing
    • Data
    • DevOps/DevOps
    • IoT
    • Mixed Reality/HoloLens
    • Mobile Development
    • CaaS Xamarin HOL 2
    • Open Dev Framework

    Here is the repo of content completely free to use: https://github.com/Microsoft/TechnicalCommunityContent

    Office Hours – ask questions about the content and how to use it!

    In order for you as the organizer or presenter (or both) to prepare for Global Azure Microsoft have organized a couple of so called “Office Hours” where you are welcome to join to discuss these the Technical Community Content, ask your questions and get answers on how to best use the content! This is an opportunity to ask questions about any of the Azure-related content on the Technical Community Content repo, and hear from the experts who built the content. Calls will be recorded and posted on the GAB website following each event.

    Ahead of the call, please review the content you’d like to present from the repo, and install the Skype for Business Web Application. Instructions are available here.

    Office Hours Meeting Details:

    March 15th, 2017 from 7:00AM-9:30AM Pacific Time

    March 23rd, 2017 from 11:00AM-1:00PM Pacific Time

    Science Lab

    In previous years we have created a global science lab where we have asked willing attendees of Global Azure around the world to contribute some compute hours to science and non-profit. Simply put each participant has deployed our code to a few instances of servers in their subscription, effectively creating a massive Cloud of compute to calculate some kind of data problem. Previous labs have included calculating targets in diabetes and in breast cancer research data. This year we will calculate something different. We will calculate the stars!

    The Secret Life of Galaxies: Unveiling the true nature of their star formation.

    Galaxies are the largest systems known in the Universe, they host almost all known astronomical objects. Among these objects, the fundamental building block of galaxies is represented by the stars; they process the gas, create new planetary systems, black holes, and make the galaxies visible to us. How galaxies form stars along their lifetime is a key question to shed light not only on the comprehension of how they are created and evolve, but to the origin of the Universe itself.

    However, this knowledge has so far been obscured by the physical processes that affect their observation and analysis; for example, distance, limited precision of the instruments or limits in the computation of the model’s predictions. Because of this, some features of star formation are blurred hampering the interpretation of the results by astronomers.

    Limiting the impact of all these effects on the star formation is key to help drive knowledge and understanding of the processes. The algorithm that you will run in the Global Azure Bootcamp Science Lab, developed by Sebastian Hidalgo from Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, attempts to correct for these effects and to recover the true nature of star formation, unveiling the secret life of the galaxies that contain them.

    We would be happy if you wanted to participate on the big Global Azure day by showing the lab to your attendees at your location so that they can choose to participate as they can! We will send out more detailed information about this as we approach the event! It will probably take about 30 minutes out of your agenda to participate with your location.

    After the Global Azure Bootcamp

    Leading up to the Global Azure Bootcamp each year a lot of excitement builds around the Global Azure bootcamp. On the day the earth spins one round for Global Azure a truly remarkable event takes place! And then…

    We want more! Why don’t we User Group leaders with an interest in Azure and Cloud technology hang out all the time?

    We are suggesting we form a loosely connected Community of Communities where we share content resources, speakers and experiences with one another! The best way to get a grip on the great Azure Platform is together! We all know how challenging it is to find the right presenters, get good material and keep up to date with the fast moving Azure Platform. Call it shooting at a moving target or drinking from the fire hose, we all feel it! Together we can focus our combined strengths, find resources, local user groups and connect to each other to learn smarter! Let’s build a list of resources and enable ways to connect the whole year and not only during Global Azure Bootcamp! Any user group leader can be a part of this if they wish! We intend to modify our site to have a simple sign up newsletter based communication. But we also want to hear from you! What would like the Global Azure communities to be? One thing is certain it will be ours together and no one will ever tell you what to do with your community, but hopefully you will find in this group some help to make your own community even more alive and active with great events and speakers!

    Community rocks!

    The Global Azure Admin Team:
    Martin Abbott @martinabbott, Maarten Balliauw @maartenballiauw, Wesley Cabus @wesleycabus, Mike Martin @techmike2kx, Magnus Mårtensson @noopman and Mike Wood @mikewo.


    Lukasz Gasior

    “We will be distributing a link to the Azure Pass request form via our website beginning March 17th.”
    is this link available somewhere?


    Yes! We will make this a little more clear! Thank you for informing us! HERE: https://global.azurebootcamp.net/frequently-asked-questions-for-organizers/#azurepasses

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