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    Martin Abbott

    We’re already well in to 2017 and Global Azure Bootcamp planning and sign-ups are coming along nicely, we now have 70 confirmed locations and another 66 pending, which is amazing!

    Global Partner offers Content and Food!

    The Global Admin team is busily working away to organize something a bit different this year, and to help with that we have partnered with the Microsoft Developer Experience team.

    Microsoft has come to the party with new content for presenters and a catering offer for events with more than 30 attendees! To access the content that is being developed by Microsoft and the community visit their GitHub repository. This content is up to date and packed full of slide decks, labs and code! Microsoft is also offering to give “Train the Trainer” office hours in March (iCal links for : 15th & 23rd) where you can learn about the content they are providing. If you have speakers looking for content, this is a tremendous resource to have. 

    Microsoft has always been a great sponsor for Global Azure, but this year they are really stepping up. If you are a local organizer please reach out to your local Microsoft Developer Experience (DX) contacts. These people are excellent resources to your community year round, not just for the Global Azure event. If you aren’t sure who your local DX representative would be, please contact us and we can get you an introduction.

    Note, the catering offer does have some terms and conditions, and some some limited availability, so as usual check out the Catering Instructions to find the information you need. Please follow the instructions completely.

    The Global Azure Bootcamp Labs

    We are in talks with a university in Spain to bring you a really interesting lab this year that will showcase many parts of Azure, and of course as always, we will also be offering the Racing Lab that so many of you have enjoyed over the last few years.

    Keep your eyes on your mailbox as we get more information on the science lab, and get ready to have some fun.

    Why is my Event still Pending?

    As we move closer to the event, remember that if your event is still Pending, there are some basic requirements we need before we can flip the status to Ready. Again, the FAQ is your friend and contains the information you need to ensure you get a confirmed location. Please update your event profiles with this information and we’ll get you marked Ready! Things like Registration URL, your local Microsoft contact and the number expected attendees are required, but additional information like your community URL is extremely valuable so that we can promote your community.

    Community of Communities

    Who have you invited to your event? Are you working on a location, but aren’t sure about location or who would come? We call the Global Azure Bootcamp a Community event and that’s not just because people from the development community run it. It’s because it helps build community. It brings people who have an interest in cloud computing together! There are thousands of existing communities out there, likely with many in your local area that are interested in cloud computing. Tap into these communities for help with your event. Reach out to them to see if they would partner with you to bring Global Azure to their group. They may already have a meeting location that they can help you with, and they certainly have members who have a direct interest in cloud computing. Best of all, this can be a partnership that will go beyond just Global Bootcamp! Best of all, we can help you find these communities! Look for an email soon coming to your lead organizer with a list of possible communities to reach out to. If you don’t want to wait, please use the Contact form and we’ll work to get you connected! 

    If you are a speaker looking for an event, please connect with us via the Contact form. We can get you a list of local cloud computing groups that you can partner with to bring Global Azure Bootcamp to their community.

    The final piece of news in this section is that we are moving closer to creating a global resource for our Community of Communities initiative. Watch this space as we build this out, and expect a lot more information in the next newsletter. 


    That wraps up this newsletter, as always if you have questions look at the FAQ, and if that does not provide the answer or if you have suggestions reach out to the team via the Contact form and let’s make the 5th Edition of Global Azure Bootcamp a truly memorable event.


    The Global Azure Bootcamp Team

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