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    Martin Abbott

    Welcome to the first newsletter for Global Azure Bootcamp 2016.

    The first and most important announcement to make is to emphasize:


    SATURDAY 16 APRIL 2016

    This represents a date change from the originally posted date as we found out that the Microsoft //build/ conference would be running from 30 March to 1 April. This would have meant the original date would have fallen directly after the conference so we decided to shift by a couple of weeks to ensure you could use all the announcements from the conference in your events.

    We apologize if this causes any inconvenience for events already well in to planning, and we are here and available to help you out if you have any questions. Please email the team at global@azurebootcamp.net with any questions you may have. Of course we fully understand if you are now unable to host an event, so again anything we can do to help just let us know.

    Why is my event still Pending?

    We have received a number of questions on why events are still showing as Pending rather than Confirmed. We have some information on the FAQ page, but for a location to be Confirmed all the information about your event and location needs to be provided including a URL that provides either a registration page or information about your event. Having a web location set up that describes your event, allows for potential attendees to contact you and especially having registration ready, tell us you are really ready to go.

    But don’t worry, having an event as Pending means we still know about it so it won’t be removed or disabled.

    There are many sites that allow you to set up free event registration such as Eventbrite or Event Day, and remember you can also host a free website on Azure to help promote your event.

    Will there be any physical giveaways this year?

    As you can imagine, trying to organize physical giveaways like stickers and posters for 100+ locations each year presents some significant logistical challenges. Some of these challenges include local customs regulations that often block shipments or other factors that just increase cost.

    For this reason, this year we have decided we will not ship physical giveaways.

    This year we are suggesting that organizers contact their local Microsoft Sales or Developer Experience teams to see if they are able to provide swag for your event. Additionally, if you are able to obtain local sponsorship then these can often be another good source of swag.

    We will still have digital giveaways provided by Global Azure Bootcamp sponsors that organizers can provide to their event attendees, it is just physical giveaways that are not being shipped for this event.

    Can you help us find a Lab Partner?

    In previous years we have provided two labs for the event day, one based on a racing game and the other a lab that provides compute power to a charitable cause. For instance, in 2015 we provided 9 years’ worth of compute power to the analysis of cancer research data.

    The racing lab will be available again for this event, but we are looking for an additional lab partner that would benefit from many years of free compute power during the day.

    If you know of a charity, organization or university that would be happy to take advantage of a full day of globally distributed compute resources, please get in touch with the team at global@azurebootcamp.net to let us know so we can follow up. Also if you just have an awesome idea for a lab, we’re eager to hear about it!

    That about wraps up the newsletter, we’re really looking forward to working with and helping all our organizers for Global Azure Bootcamp #4. You guys are awesome! You make the event the success it is and as always if you have questions or suggestions just drop us a line at the usual email address and we’ll get back to you.


    The Global Azure Bootcamp Team

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