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    Mike Erickson


    I don’t have a direct contact at Microsoft, although I did have an MS Account Technology Specialist reach out to me offering help after I create my local event. I have asked him if the following flyer is OK to use, but he has not responded in about 2 weeks.

    I am hosting our local event at a University. They had one of there media specialists put together the following flyer and asked me to confirm it would be OK to place this around campus to promote the event. It includes the Microsoft name and other content that I am wondering if it is OK to use in this manner.

    Here is a link to the pdf file they produced: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AuazduFkgY9vha8EbXmRsT1S40vxgg

    Can anyone confirm if this is acceptable?

    Thank you!

    Mike Erickson

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