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    Mike Wood

    It’s now T-45 days till the big event!

    Registration Ready?

    Do you have registration either already taking on people or ready to go soon? If you have a registration link, don’t forget to update your event description information to provide that link, and link to any external website you may have set up about the event. To add details log in to the site here and then from the menu in the upper right hand corner select Events > My Events. Modify the Details and you’re all set! This is the only way a potential attendee that comes to the global.azurebootcamp.net address first will be able to get more information on your location.

    Are you using the custom DNS feature?

    We have added this year the ability for you to create a custom subdomain off the AzureBootcamp.net domain. You can set up your own city or location name, for example: Spain.azurebootcamp.net.

    The first step to getting this organized is to have a website which talks about your event. The guys at the Bangalore location have an awesome example at http://bangaloreazurebootcamp.azurewebsites.net/. You can host this site anywhere, many of the organizers are posting them to Azure Websites. Once you have the site ready you then edit your event (menu in the upper right hand corner select Events > My Events) and add the path/url to your website. Note that we do NOT support A records when used in conjunction with Azure Websites at this time, just put the Azure Websites URL into the entry. Then choose a good DNS name for your event. If you are going to choose your country name please be aware that other locations may exist in your country and it would be nice to coordinate that with the other local organizers in your country.

    Once you save this the DNS records will be added very quickly. Please verify that you can hit the new URL and that it renders well. If you are hosting the site on an Azure Website remember that you need to take an additional step to enable the custom domain on your website.

    Got questions?

    Post to the General forums or email us at global@azurebootcamp.net!

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