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    Mike Wood

    Local Organizers,

    We are just about three months away from the Big Day! You’re going to start seeing more regular updates from the Global Organizer Team in the form of these short newsletters posted to the forums. We will be trying to keep these updates short and helpful. Please feel free to respond on the forum or contact us at global@azurebootcamp.net.

    A peek into what’s coming:
    In the two months we plan on getting out some great resources for your events:

    • An Organizer Guide with ideas and suggestions for your event will be shipping soon.
    • A Racing Game experiment from Alan Smith that you can participate in during the event, complete with cars customized with country flags and hands on labs on utilizing the resulting race data with analysis tools.

    We are again going to provide for a global charity lab where deployments by the attendees worldwide help perform data analysis for good. Last year it was analysis for diabetes research. This year we plan on providing an architecture overview of the lab itself as something you can cover in your event. We are looking for a data partner again this year, so if you know of any research groups that need help crunching numbers, please let us know.

    As always, keep an eye on the GlobalAzure web site Forums and the Organizer FAQ.

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