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    Maarten Balliauw

    Hi *|FNAME|*,

    Attention all organizers! Don’t forget that we have some deadlines coming up!
    Today (March 30th) is the deadline to apply for Catering or for requesting physical Azure passes to be sent to you. If your event is still marked as Pending (because you don’t have a valid registration URL) you must take care of that before we can approve for either of these benefits.

    We currently have a total of 238 confirmed event locations, and 28 pending. Looking at you, 28 😉
    April 6th is the final day to register an event location.

    April 13th is the deadline to request digital Azure passes be sent to you.
    Thank you for organizing, helping out or speaking at a Global Azure Bootcamp location this year. This is the biggest one so far, with potentially 266 locations! Find out more on the locations page!

    We hope that all of you and your attendees will enjoy this event and learn from each other. We are looking forward to seeing the tweets tagged #GlobalAzure! And please do send us your stories and pictures from the GAB!
    The Global Azure Admin Team:

    Martin Abbott @martinabbott, Maarten Balliauw @maartenballiauw, Wesley Cabus @wesleycabus, Mike Martin @techmike2kx, Magnus Mårtensson @noopman , Alan Smith @alansmith and Mike Wood @mikewo.


    Alejandro Velasco

    Thanks !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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