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    Maarten Balliauw


    T-MINUS 34 DAYS!

    That's right! Only five more weeks until that day of the year where we gather the world for the Global Azure Bootcamp! Are you all organized and ready for action? Great! But just in case, allow us to provide you a quick check-up:

    • If you're still looking to organize a new location, you should target to book the facilities and get your event registration page ready ASAP! You can register new locations until April 6, and get them marked "ready" by April 10.
    • Is your event still marked as pending? That probably means that your event is missing a URL for registering attendees. If this is the case, please create a registration page using EventDay, Eventbrite, … and update your location. Still pending after a few days? Then feel free to drop us a line!
    • Did you apply for the catering offer? Microsoft has agreed to provide all locations with 5 to 150 attendees with free catering where possible (alas, this offer is not available everywhere). You can submit your initial order until March 30th and update your order until April 13th.

    Azure Passes

    Some of you have already received Azure Passes for your attendees while attending the MVP Summit. As of now, we extend this offer to all GAB organizers! But be quick! You can fill out the online request form until March 30th if you want to receive our awesome GAB-branded Azure Passes the old-fashioned way, which means: printed and delivered via postal services. Or, if you want digital Azure Passes, you have time to request them until April 13th. Get your Azure Passes here: https://aka.ms/GABPasses

    Looking for Content?

    The Global Azure Bootcamp is all about learning Azure and sharing experiences. To help you do this, we've received some help from both Microsoft and GAB organizers, so in case your day of Global Azure still has space for more content, please do check out the content below!
    These labs take you through the process of building a Web App and deploying it to Azure, starting at the absolute beginning – the Azure Portal – and ending with DevOps using ARM templates: https://github.com/FBoucher/Bootcamp-Azure-Asp.Net-Core-DevOps
    Thanks Hinault Donfack, Mathieu Benoit and Frank Boucher!
    Another set of labs, also starting at the Azure Portal, focus on integrating Azure Queue storage, Document DB and Cognitive Services: https://github.com/MSDEVMTL/2017-04-22-GlobalAzureBootcamp2017
    Thank you Alexandre Brisebois, Vivien Chevallier, Vincent Biret, Guy Barrette, David Chapdelaine, Samir Bellouti and Stéphane Lapointe!
    Microsoft has several webinars about Azure Cosmos DB, to instruct you in using Graph API, understanding operations of Cosmos DB, how to integrate Cosmos DB with Azure Functions or Spark on Azure HDInsight. If you're interested, you can join these webinars to learn more about Cosmos DB at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/get-started-with-azure-cosmos-db-through-this-technical-training-series/?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral

    Thanks to our Sponsors

    Every year we have some awesome global sponsors who provide digital giveaways for the attendees. This year is no exception. About a week prior to the event the lead organizers at each location will receive an email with digital goodies in it. In that email will be two slide decks you can use for a welcome deck and during giveaways/raffles. Both will contain a slide thanking our global sponsors. Please make sure to spend a minute on the slide to talk about the sponsors! Check out our Global Sponsors page to find out more about our sponsors.
    JetBrains, one of our sponsors, has offered the following to all local organizers, but you'll need to move quickly to get them in time!
    If you are also interested to get free JetBrains stickers for the attendees, please fill in the form here:
    Please notice that the requests are processed twice a month – in the middle and at the end of each month, and packages usually take a week or two to arrive.

    Thank you!

    Thank you for organizing, helping out or speaking at a Global Azure Bootcamp location this year. We hope that all of you and your attendees will enjoy this event and learn from each other. We are looking forward to seeing the tweets tagged #GlobalAzure! And please do send us your stories and pictures from the GAB!
    The Global Azure Admin Team:

    Martin Abbott @martinabbott, Maarten Balliauw @maartenballiauw, Wesley Cabus @wesleycabus, Mike Martin @techmike2kx, Magnus Mårtensson @noopman , Alan Smith @alansmith and Mike Wood @mikewo.


    I took the liberty to merge the content suggestions in a GitHub repo : https://github.com/tomkerkhove/global-azure-bootcamp-2018-content


    Ehsan Eskandari

    Hi Maarten, I am one of organisers in Canada, and I have not received neither free azure passes nor digital goodies, who is the best to followup with? Thanks

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