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    Martin Abbott

    Hi Everyone,

    Can you believe that it is already nearly the end of February! It is now less than 9 weeks to go before Global Azure Bootcamp 2018, didn’t time fly!

    We are looking like we will get around 200 locations again this year, currently ranging from Auckland in New Zealand to Redmond in Washington state. 

    As the day is getting closer, it is important to start thinking about things. We will have a final newsletter a month out from the event, but this newsletter contains a lot of information to help make sure you are ready, along with some information to make sure your day is as engaging as possible.

    Important Dates for your Diary

    Last date to register a location and get it marked as ready: 10th April

    Last date to register for free catering (see below): 30th March

    Last date to get Azure Passes (see below): 15th April

    It’s time to get “Ready”!

    With only a few more weeks to go before the Big Day, it’s time to ensure that your attendees know you’re ready.

    If your location is still marked “Pending” it means you have not provided sufficient information for it to be marked as “Ready”. The most common missing pieces of data are a local Microsoft contact person if possible, and registration URL where your attendees can register for your event.

    If you are looking to get a URL and don’t know where to start, take a look at either Meetup.com or Eventbrite.com, both of which offer functionality to help run your event.

    Go to the Homepage, log in and edit your event to add the required information and we will flip the status to “Ready”! If you have any questions please contact us!

    In order to receive all the great offers from our Global Sponsors, your event has to be “Ready”.

    In a couple of weeks we are going to start a big push to get people to come to your events. If you’re not “Ready” by that time it will not be possible for your attendees to find you, so make sure that registration URL is provided as soon as possible.

    Time to get organized!

    We have completely rewritten our Organizer’s Guide this year to make it more concise and digestible.

    As usual, it contains a lot of information that should hopefully make your day go more smoothly, but of course if you have any questions that the guide does not cover, please contact us.

    If you are struggling to get speakers, a great resource is sessionize.com. After creating a free account, you can create a Call for Speakers that you can use to gather sessions from people wanting to speak at your event. Call for Speakers functionality is usually free for a community event.

    It’s important to be Content!

    We have been working with some of the engineering teams in Redmond this year to bring you some fresh content ready to be presented at your event.

    These discussions are ongoing, so what this space, but we are hoping to get the content soon and run a number of webinars to make sure you know what there is and the best way to use it on the day.

    There is plenty of other content available that you can use if you want to bootstrap your presentations. The Technical Community Content has undergone recent revision and provides content for a few interesting areas including:

    • Power BI, Big Data and Advanced Analytics
    • Cloud Computing
    • Intelligent Services
    • IoT
    • HoloLens
    • Open Source Development
    • Web Development
    • Much, much more…

    Did you see the launch of the Azure Architecture site recently?

    This is also a great source of information to help build presentations aimed at not just a technology but total solutions.

    We must be “Streaming”!

    This year we are going to try something a little different!

    In previous years we have provided a video to show at the beginning of your day, usually with the like of ScottGu saying thanks for supporting this awesome event.

    This year we’re taking the idea of video up a notch! We are deep in discussions with a number of locations around the globe that are going to stream their content live on YouTube so you and your attendees can tune in.

    Hopefully this will allow some locations that struggle with getting presenters to still run a full day of great content, so again watch this space and we will provide more details closer to the time.

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch

    Actually that’s not true! This year once again Microsoft has kindly offered to provide lunch to locations via Subway. Unlike last year where US locations had pizza, this year everyone can take advantage of the same great offer of sandwiches for all their attendees. In order to receive catering you must agree to request your attendees to fill out an event survey. It’s a short survey and does not collect their name or email. Once catering is approved you’ll receive a PowerPoint slide with a QR code and a URL to use to identify your event.

    Like last year there will be a spreadsheet to fill out to send to your local Subway franchise. Once your event is marked as ready we’ll send you an email with the spreadsheet attached. The offer is good for 5 to 150 lunches, but may not be available in all locations. Note that the deadline to apply is March 30th and changes to the order can be made up to April 13th.

    Azure Passes for the Masses

    Microsoft is also offering up Azure Passes to help get your attendees working hands on with Azure! There will be more about this offer in the coming weeks.

    This offer is for all of our local organizers; however, if you are an MVP or RD headed to the MVP Summit, Microsoft will be distributing the Azure Passes to you then. Look for an email that will be coming out with instructions.

    The Racing Lab, only better!

    Unfortunately this year we have been unable to organize a science lab but we will be running the ever popular Global Azure Racing Game once again…with a difference!

    The sample driving game has been modified to use storage, messaging and hosting services in Microsoft Azure to manage the lap times, driver replays and telemetry data for the game. This allows attendees from the different GAB locations to race with each other’s ghost cars, set lap times and win achievements for their location.

    Racing Lab

    This year we will be making a version of the Global Azure Racing Game available as a hands-on lab. As an event organizer you can create an Azure Storage account that will be used by the attendees at your location.

    The attendees will have the source code for the game which they can build and run in Visual Studio. The hands-on lab will involve writing code to integrate the game with blob storage to store the ghost car data and table storage to store the lap times. Once completed, the attendees will be able to see the fastest lap times and race against each other’s ghost cars.  Your attendees can compete to be the first to complete the lab exercises and also to set the fastest times.

    We will be making the Global Azure Racing Hands-On Lab available for organizers to test in a few weeks’ time so you can get ready for the Big Day!

    But just think about the opportunities to give prizes for best performances!

    Finally, a quick word about you. Our organizers are the people that make this event awesome, so thanks to all of you for stepping up or stepping in and running an event for the benefit of this great global community. You are the “without whom” people that make this event amazing and convince us every year to come back for more.

    This newsletter has been brought to you by our friendly neighborhood Global Admin team, Martin Abbott @martinabbott, Maarten Balliauw @maartenballiauw, Wesley Cabus @wesleycabus, Magnus Mårtensson @noopman, Mike Martin @techmike2kx,, Alan Smith @alansmith and Mike Wood @mikewo.


    Ching-Yoong CHANG

    When could we test on the Global Azure Racing Game?


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