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    Martin Abbott

    Hi Friends of Global Azure Bootcamp,

    In this newsletter, we talk about why your event may still be pending, what you can expect at the MVP Summit, some very important dates you need to be aware of, the great labs we’re bringing you this year and where you can find some content for the day.

    Can you believe that as you’re reading this, Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 is less than 7 weeks away?!

    Time has certainly flown by this year, and your friendly Global Azure Admin Team is busy reaching out to event organizers to get you ‘Ready’ for the big day.

    Why am I still ‘Pending’?

    To get your event marked as ‘Ready’, we need to have the full address of where the event will take place and a URL where your community can go and register, along with the name and email address of a Microsoft representative. We are seeing a lot of events mentioning a vendor (v- email address) or MVP/RD as their Microsoft representative, but these people are not Microsoft employees. If you need some help on finding a local representative, let us know at global@azurebootcamp.net and we will try to hook you up with a local community program manager (CPM).

    When we see that your location has all the requirements fulfilled, at that time your location should flip over to ‘Ready’. However, if this does not happen do reach out to us at global@azurebootcamp.net as we want your event to look great and be well attended by your community!

    Remember, that in order to receive the benefits that your event deserves, so Global Sponsorship giveaways, Subway lunches (if available in your region) and Azure Passes, your event needs to ‘Ready’.

    Say ‘Hi’ at the MVP Summit!

    If you are a Microsoft MVP and are attending the MVP Global Summit happening shortly in Redmond, do look out for us and come over and say ‘Hi’. We love meeting the organizers of the events, you are all awesome and the reason this thing exists, so walk up, say you’re an organizer and expect a high five or fist bump.

    If you have ordered your swag (see below), you may pick it up at the Summit. You will receive an email with the date, time frame, and location for you to come and pick up your passes.

    At the Summit this year we are also running an event on the pre-day. If you want to hear about what we do as part of the Global Azure Admin Team, and want to help contribute to the ongoing improvements we make, then come along and lend us your brains!

    Some important dates

    Microsoft will once again provide lunches for the event via Subway, the deadline for ordering is April 5th so please fill in the Catering Request Form.

    You can order SWAG and Azure Passes using the SWAG and Azure Passes Request Form, the deadline for SWAG is March 29th and for Azure Passes is April 19th. If you are attending the MVP Global Summit you can request to pick up the SWAG and Azure Passes whilst there.

    Global Science Lab

    We are just putting the finishing touches to the Global Science Lab so expect a notification on how you can get early access soon. For more information on the lab this year, which is all about finding exo-planets around distant stars. keep an eye on the Global Azure Bootcamp website where we will be publishing more information soon.

    Global Racing Lab

    Once again we will be providing access to the global racing lab with the added bonus this year being that you can participate as normal or compete as an AI! Again, keep an eye on the Global Azure Bootcamp website where more information will be posted soon.

    Looking for content for presentations?

    As part of the Microsoft Ignite Tour, presentations and code have been made available and are a great starting point for content for your day. Check out the following links to see what is available.

    The presentation decks are here: https://aka.ms/MyMSIgniteTheTour

    And the code is here: https://aka.ms/MSIgniteTheTourCode

    The CosmosDB team has been working hard on content as well, check out their GitHub repo for presentation decks and workshops and expect this to grow over the next few days.

    Help spread the word about Global Azure Bootcamp!

    Use our hashtag #GlobalAzure and post everywhere on Social Media about our great global event! Meet up with your peers from around the world on Facebook and Twitter!

    If you have any questions or need to vent, please send an email to global@azurebootcamp.net!

    Please, do check out this year’s Global Sponsors! They help provide digital giveaways for the event locations. You’ll receive the instructions and information about the giveaways the week prior to the big day.

    But for now, sit back and get ready to join us for the epic #GlobalAzure Bootcamp event on APRIL 27, 2019!


    The Global Azure Admin Team:

    Martin Abbott @martinabbott, Wesley Cabus @wesleycabus, Alex Mang @iamalexmang, Magnus MÃ¥rtensson @noopman, Karl Ots @fincooper, David Rodriguez @davidjrh, Alan Smith @alansmith and Mike Wood @mikewo

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