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    Maarten Balliauw

    Hi friends,
    We are rapidly approaching the end of the year and many of you are already planning for your event on April 21st, 2018! Thank you for getting signed up and prepared to help your community learn more about Azure.
    Each year it's exciting to see how the number of locations that will host a Global Azure Bootcamp grows! We already have over 100 events signed up to participate, but many are still in a pending status. If you are the organizer of one of these pending events, please see below how to get your event set to "Ready"!

    Is your location still pending and what do you do to make it confirmed?

    To get your event marked as a "Ready" event, you must fill out your event profile to include a URL for registration and the complete address where the event takes place. This tells us you have your venue sorted and are prepared to take on registrations from your community! At that time your location should flip over to "Ready". In case this does not happen do reach out to us! We want your event to look good and be well visited – get completely filled up even!
    Not sure where to host your registration? Many organizers use Event Day, Eventbrite and other free registration sign up options. There are a lot to choose from and you should use the one that works best for you and your community.

    What about organizing speakers and your agenda?

    Fellow MVP, Domagoj Pavlesic, has offered up free access to Sessionize for any organizers running a location to request speakers and set up their agenda for their Global Azure Bootcamp event. From Domagoj:
    "Sessionize.com can help you with the content part of your event – you can easily open public or private Call for Papers with custom categories, tags and questions. Those will help you and your content team to evaluate session submissions, pick the best ones and send out the results to speakers in just a couple of clicks. Finally, just drag and drop your sessions to build an agenda for your event. You can then embed it on your website, or access as JSON or XML if you feel more advanced. More details can be found at https://sessionize.com.

    For all Global Azure Bootcamp events we’re offering a complimentary license with full set of features. Just create an event at https://sessionize.com/tryit/ and contact support to be activated for free!"
    This is a great chance to try out Sessionize and see if it works for you. Who knows, you may find it useful enough to start leveraging it for other community events as well.

    New to Azure Bootcamps?

    If you are new to hosting a Global Azure Bootcamp we have many, many of our organizers that are old hats by now. There are a lot of experienced organizers that are happy to help out new locations with ideas and suggestions. Please ask questions on the Forums at https://global.azurebootcamp.net/forums/ and someone will absolutely answer with some help.

    Global Science Lab

    Same as previous years, we are working on a Global Lab for our 2018 edition of Global Azure Bootcamp. You can help out and get involved with the lab! The Global Science lab is an opportunity for every attendee at each location to deploy our application to their own Azure Subscription, together creating a global super cluster of raw compute power, effectively having a global community lend compute hours to the Global Science lab!

    We are looking for ideas from you on what to build this year. We have generally focused on science and non-profit for our event, which means that universities, non-profit organizations and other non-corporate entities get involved in our interesting and fun work! Right now we are looking for new algorithms to run in our global cluster. It might be you or someone you know who gets picked to run your code on our CPUs for the Global Azure day! We will keep you posted with updates on this endeavor!
    We will make a decision by the end of the year.


    We are working on putting together our Global Sponsors again this year, and the one we can announce currently is Microsoft. Ever since the first Global Azure Bootcamp we've gotten help and assistance from Microsoft in helping organize this great event. We are still working out the details of the sponsorship for 2018, so keep an eye out on these newsletters and announcements on what's to come.
    If you work at or know a company that might be interested in being a Global Sponsor of the event, please have them contact us at global@azurebootcamp.net!

    Help spread the word about Global Azure Bootcamp!

    Use our hashtag #GlobalAzure and post everywhere on Social Media about our great global event! Meet up with your peers from around the world on Facebook and Twitter!
    If you have any questions or need to vent, please, do send an email to global@azurebootcamp.net!
    Join us for the epic #GlobalAzure Bootcamp event on APRIL 21st, 2018!
    The Global Azure Admin Team:
    Martin Abbott @martinabbott, Maarten Balliauw @maartenballiauw, Wesley Cabus @wesleycabus, Mike Martin @techmike2kx, Magnus Mårtensson @noopman , Alan Smith @alansmith and Mike Wood @mikewo.

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