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    Martin Abbott

    Hi Friends of Global Azure Bootcamp,

    As we begin the to get towards the end of year, it’s time to look back at what a great event Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 was and start thinking about the next event.

    For some great by the numbers information, check out the whitepaper that we create each year that showcases the event, https://global.azurebootcamp.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/2018-GlobalAzureBootcamp-Whitepaper.pdf.

    Global Azure Bootcamp is happening on Saturday April 27, 2019 and we already have over 100 locations registered, which is amazing so thank you to you all.

    Currently there are still a lot of locations that are marked as ‘Pending’ and your friendly Global Admin team are working hard to mark them as ‘Ready’ when we can.

    Is your location still ‘Pending’ and what do we need to mark it as confirmed?

    To get your event marked as ‘Ready’, we need to have the full address of where the event will take place and a URL where your community can go and register. At that time your location should flip over to ‘Ready’. However, if this does not happen do reach out to us as we want your event to look great and be well attended by your community!

    If you already use something like Meetup, then sorting out your event URL is easy. If you don’t, there are a number of registration solutions like Event Day, Eventbrite and others that you can use to allow people to sign up.

    What about organising speakers and your agenda?

    You may already have a way of reaching out to your local community to get speakers and you should definitely do what works for you.

    An alternative is to use something like Sessionize.com which you can use to allow speakers to submit sessions for your event. You can then review and accept or reject sessions all through a nice and easy to use user interface. If you are running a community event and that event is free, you can usually get a free license to Sessionize, check out the details at https://sessionize.com/tryit/?l=free.

    New to Global Azure Bootcamp?

    If you are thinking about or are new to hosting a Global Azure Bootcamp we have many, many organisers that are old hats by now. There is a lot of experience out there that can help new locations with ideas and suggestions. Please ask questions on the Forums at https://global.azurebootcamp.net/forums/ and someone will absolutely answer with some help.

    Also, take a look at the whitepaper linked above, it has lots of information about the event and is a great way to start conversations with sponsors and other people who may be interested in contributing to the day.

    Global Science Lab

    We have already started the process and aim to bring you a new and exciting Science Lab in 2019. The lab is an opportunity for you and your event to learn lots of great services within Azure and also contribute to research by providing compute power during the course of the day.

    As an example, in the last Science Lab, attendees contributed an equivalent of 13 years of compute power to the research of star formation histories!

    Look out for updates in coming newsletters as we get the lab ready and get it out to organisers in plenty of time to have a play before the big day.


    We have already begun working with our previous sponsors and are always looking for new ones. This year we are working with Microsoft once again to help provide assistance and visibility. We are still working out some of the details of the sponsorship for 2019, so keep an eye out for more news in future newsletters, via our Twitter account @GlobalAzure or on Facebook.

    If you work at or know a company that might be interested in being a Global Sponsor of the event, please have them contact us at global@azurebootcamp.net!

    Saying Goodbye to some friends and Hello to others

    This year we say goodbye to two of our organisers, Maarten Balliauw and Mike Martin. For the past number of years they have been invaluable contributors to Global Azure Bootcamp, sorting out our website and dealing with global sponsors, dealing with questions and queries from organisers, and being integral in making the event what it is today. All of us on the Global Admin team want to thank them for being awesome and wish them well in their future endeavours.

    We also say hello this year to three new organisers, Alex Mang, David Rodriguez and Karl Ots. We’ve asked them to provide a brief biography so you can get to know them a little bit.

    Alex – “I’m Alex Mang, a passionate Azure MVP with a software development background which all started after toying around with my father’s Atari ST, a 32-bit computer which was state-of-the-art back in the day. At the age of 6, I was introduced to the Intel-based PCs and I started developing BASIC-based “Hello, World” variations when I was around 10, and soon after learnt the power of object-oriented programming. Many know me as a regular conference and user groups speaker focusing mostly on cloud-computing topics. Currently I am dedicating my time working partially as a cloud architect and also as an advisor and consultant. What you may not have known about me is that I hunt down vampires in my spare time, but I guess that’s what you’d expect a Transylvanian to do anyway, right?”

    Karl – “I am Karl Ots, an Azure MVP, patented inventor, college dropout, author and speaker. During the daylight, I’m a consultant at Zure, an Azure-only consultancy company. I have been working with Azure since 2011, helping clients small and large. I fill my nights by organizing community events and speaking at events ranging from pizza-sized community meetups to the largest technology conferences such as Microsoft Ignite. Follow me on Twitter at @fincooper”

    David – “I’m David Rodriguez, a Spanish Microsoft Regional Director and Azure Most Valuable Professional, living in Tenerife, Canary Islands. In 2011, I co-founded Intelequia Software Solutions. I have authored some open source modules for DotNetNuke and Azure available at GitHub, and helped bring the Science Lab to life in 2017. You can find me organizing the local user group once or twice per month, and I don’t miss any Microsoft Inspire conference, so if you plan to go there we can meet and talk over a cup of coffee. By the way, if you come to the island, I will be happy to show you the best “guachinches” on Tenerife, only local people know the best ones.”

    Help spread the word about Global Azure Bootcamp!

    Use our hashtag #GlobalAzure and post everywhere on Social Media about our great global event! Meet up with your peers from around the world on Facebook and Twitter!

    If you have any questions or need to vent, please send an email to global@azurebootcamp.net!

    But for now, sit back and get ready to join us for the epic #GlobalAzure Bootcamp event on APRIL 27, 2019!


    The Global Azure Admin Team:

    Martin Abbott @martinabbott, Wesley Cabus @wesleycabus, Alex Mang @iamalexmang, Magnus Mårtensson @noopman, Karl Ots @fincooper, David Rodriguez @davidjrh, Alan Smith @alansmith and Mike Wood @mikewo

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