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    Rob Snabilie


    When or where can I expect/find the LAB guide for the charity LAB?

    Is it possible to already test the charity LAB (to check if we have everything)?

    And is it possible to monitor the progress/see the stats of a single user LAB and the progress of a location?


    Derek Gabriel

    Is there any additional info about the charity lab? I’m going on a radio show in 2 hours to promote my location and I have very little to go on. πŸ™


    David Rodriguez

    Same thing here, we are going to do a press note tomorrow and would be great to have any additional info about the “main” thing. Any deadline?




    Magnus is the main contact for this, hopefully we should have some information out soon.




    Love that you guys are so eager… πŸ™‚ Great!

    We are just unrapping the bubblewrap on our Global Science Lab for 2015! May I please have a few more days?

    What you can say is that it will be a massive non-profit compute effort where thousands of attendees around the world (north of ten thousand) will participate with servers to calculate breast cancer research data! We do this because together we have all of this awesome power at our disposal and because we can and because breast cancer is something we’d like to cure.

    Is this OK for today? Otherwise hit me back!




    John Garland

    Hi Magnus – I want to make sure I frame this properly (which I won’t, no matter how hard I try.) I am 110% certain you meant absolutely ZERO harm with the parenthetical comment about the lab. And the issue I am trying to address is not one I want to become an advocate on at this time. But I have a 9yo daughter who is starting to show some aptitude for STEM (parental bias may be involved). And then I got this link today regarding a MSFT campaign – http://www.businessinsider.com/viral-video-from-microsoft-is-fantastic-2015-4

    I guess what I am trying to say is that we may want to be careful to steer clear of the parenthetical message, no matter how benign. I think at the end of the day, it could only hurt our cause if it gets misconstrued. And I am sincerely very sorry if this is coming across preachy and hoping it is not received in any bad way…

    Thank you
    John Garland


    I see the humor only in my comment. Naturally that was the intent. I have edited the original post. That’s all I have to say.

    One more thing: Thank you for your note I appreciate it and have not taken it in a bad way at all.




    Maarten Balliauw

    Hi all,

    Regarding the science lab: the full story is up at https://global.azurebootcamp.net/global-azure-bootcamp-science-lab-2015/.

    In bullet points:
    * GAB will run a global lab that attendees at 190 locations worldwide can participate in
    * The machines will be crunching numbers – analyzng how certain breast cancer tumor cells react to certain hormones present in the blood
    * Goal is a better understanding of the unique types of tumor cells and how the immune system reacts on them

    Do make sure to read up on https://global.azurebootcamp.net/global-azure-bootcamp-science-lab-2015/ as it has the full background!

    In technical terms, we will be distributing:
    * A .cscfg and .cspkg file that people can edit (name, email, location – basically so we can tell people afterwards if they still have instances running unnecessarily)
    * A quick “how-to” on editing the config and deploying the lab

    All in all, the deployment will be “from zero to something running in Azure” over 15-30 minutes. Fulfilling for attendees, and fulfilling because we get to help out research.

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,


    Derek Gabriel

    Don’t suppose we can get this in press release format? I’m just trying not to reinvent the wheel.. (aka lazy)


    Maarten Balliauw

    The press release format should be done today/tomorrow.


    Derek Gabriel



    Lucas Chies


    I received the last email with finals instructions, but at Charity lab has no complete information.

    The links at https://global.azurebootcamp.net/charity-lab/ e the configuration file donΒ΄t work.

    Other doubt: everyone should create the same environment?



    Maarten Balliauw

    The configuration file and cloud service package will be posted later. They are not ready yet.

    The environment is the same, but the cloud service package will figure it out πŸ™‚


    Lucas Chies

    Tks Maarten


    Pablo Maceiras


    Any news on when this will be available? (The actual code to deploy de worker role).

    I have a speaker doing this lab, and he is getting really anxious as the time goes by πŸ™‚



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