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    Vikram Pendse

    Last year most of us (Microsoft MVPs) who were hosting GAB2018 got the Azure Passes during the Global Microsoft MVP Summit. Just wish to check if we are going to get this time as well during upcoming MVP Summit in March 2019? I haven’t got any email or newsletter yet since confirmation of our venue hence wish to know.


    vishal saxena

    any updates on this topic?


    Martin Abbott

    Hi Vishal and Vikram,

    We are still in the process of sorting out how passes will be distributed and what options there will available generally for this year.

    Keep your eyes open for a newsletter shortly where we hope to share more details.




    Hi Martin,

    It is getting fairly close to the MVP Summit. It would be really good to know what might be happening around this.

    Is there any guidance or info forth coming – or did I miss it (*checks spam folder*).



    Martin Abbott

    Hi Dan,

    You can apply for the passes right now via the request form here.

    SWAG and Azure Passes




    Awesome! Thanks Martin! Perfect.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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