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    Maarten Balliauw

    Hello there!


    • Thanks for doing Global Azure Bootcamp with us last year!
    • We’re doing it again in 2015: mark Saturday, April 25th In your calendars!
    • Website is up at https://global.azurebootcamp.net. Register if you intend to organize a local event, no commitment yet.
    • Got ideas or questions? Send them to gobal@azurebootcamp.net.
    • Want more? Read on!

    For those of you that helped in previous years: thank you!  The event simply couldn’t be done without you. Last year the event spanned 54 countries and had 126 locations.  Over 480 local organizers worldwide received about 5,623 attendees for a day of learning on Azure.

    The Global Azure Bootcamp team is very excited to announce the 2015 event is scheduled for Saturday, April 25th!  The web site is up at https://global.azurebootcamp.net/, a date has been set, and plans are underway.  If you have an interest in helping with this truly Global event please sign up for an account on the website.  Note that signing up for an account doesn’t put you under any obligation to actually organize an event, just that you are interested in learning more.

    You might note that the URL for our site has changed.  With the branding change last year from Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure we went for something a little more future proof (we hope).  So, the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp is now simply the Global Azure Bootcamp and the hashtag for this year is #GlobalAzure.  Even if you don’t have time to organize a local event, please do share the date with your local community and help promote the event by raising awareness.

    If you are unfamiliar with the Global Azure Bootcamp from the last two years, this is a day in which local organizers all schedule a day of learning for their communities dedicated completely to Azure.  Each event is locally organized and executed by folks like yourselves.  The event could focus on a very specific feature of Azure and be a deep dive, or it could be a broad introduction to the entire platform.  It could even be a large event with multiple tracks.  It’s all up to the local organizer on what they want to do.  The Global team helps coordinate all the locations, provides a distributable lab for everyone to take part in, and helps find giveaways for the events that all locations can provide their attendees.

    If you have any questions or ideas for this year please let us know by emailing global@azurebootcamp.net.  This email alias goes to all the global team members.

    A few changes for this year already:

    • We plan on having some content for local organizers to choose to use if they wish.  These will be slide decks, etc.
    • We are moving to have all communication being down via the website. So no need to go to Google Groups.  There is now a forum on the website with an announcements category that you’ll want to watch, but also a General category for just talking about anything GlobalAzure related.
    • We plan on adding the ability for you to sign up for a subdomain off of azurebootcamp.net that direct to your own local event.  Thanks to David Rodriguez  for this idea.   When event submissions open you’ll be able to add your subdomain name request and an IP/domain name to point to.


    The Global Azure Bootcamp team:

    Magnus Mårtensson

    Maarten Balliauw

    Mike Martin

    Alan Smith

    Mike Wood

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