Global Azure Bootcamp for Education

Are you a teacher or professor and wish to teach Cloud Computing to your students? You can enroll your students easily in a great day of Azure training! Register your event location today to ensure you get all the benefits! This is a great training opportunity to teach Cloud Computing to your students with free Azure for your Students and other great sponsorship!

Do you work in technology today? You can go back to your school or college with this offer and help out on this day so that your younger school mates may learn about Cloud Computing! Or simply suggest they set up this day even if you can’t assist!
Are you a student reading this? Take charge and organize an event on your campus or suggest to your institution to arrange a Global Azure Bootcamp day!

(Read below for more support and more information on how to set this up!)

Cloud Students

How to set this up at your school/college/university:
It is very easy to create a Global Azure Bootcamp event by following the four simple steps below:

  1. On the create a new event page you’ll find instructions how to get your pin on the Global Azure locations map!
  2. You can get Azure credits for your students in two ways:
  3. Apply for free lunch for your students from our lunch sponsor Microsoft!
  4. Agenda and Content? Read on below!

What about training content?
In case you need training content for your students to learn Cloud Computing, here are some resources you might choose to use:

If you have questions check out FAQ and don’t hesitate to contact the Global Azure Bootcamp!