Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions that everyone keeps asking and to serve you as quickly as possible with some of the basics question you might hold, we provide you this FAQ. Nevertheless please still feel free to send us a quick note when still in doubt or even have more questions.

Q: What happened at the first Global Windows Azure Bootcamp in 2013?

A: In April of 2013 we held the first Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at more than 90 locations around the globe! We’ve written up a summary of the event, feel free to download the PDF.

Q: Hey, this initiative is terrific, where do is sign up as an attendee?

A: Easy, take a look at the map and pick a location!

Since it’s a global event, it’s managed and endorsed globally, but executed locally. So look for the nearest location and subscribe through the link provided for your location.

Q: Hey this initiative is well organized, but there’s no location for my region / country. Is there a way I can organize one myself and still be part of this?

A: Well yes! All it takes to organize a location is finding a location, finding speakers and content. If you’ve registered your location earlier on, you will be in the loop as an organizer! More questions? There is an extensive FAQ for organizers available here.

Q: Hey this initiative is humongous, and this would mean terrific advertisement! Can I be your sponsor?

A: Well, if you insist!

If you want to be part of this insane mission and a proud sponsor, then feel free to send a mail to the organizers through the “Contact Us” form.

Note that you don’t have to sponsor all locations. A majority of the sponsors for GWAB are local venue + food sponsors per location. Feel free to cherry pick one or more locations and contact the local organizers and work something out with them.

Q: You say it’s a bootcamp, does that mean there is material available and that we can use?

A: Yes you do! And even more than that …

The Bootcamp will be based on the normal Windows Azure Bootcamp formula. That means we will use the same material, namely the Windows Azure Training Kit. Feel Free to Download it here : Windows Azure Training Kit Download Page. Then again it wouldn’t be a bootcamp if there weren’t any experts or enthusiast available to help you out that day. And the Twitter hashtag will get you in touch with other Windows Azure experts and enthusiasts around the globe!

Q: So what’s the difference with any other bootcamp?

A: That’s for you to come and find out!

But we’ll certainly guarantee you we will do something special AFTER you had some training in the skills you might need for maybe a certain challenge we have in mind.

This is where the fun will be and will be kept a secret till the end but we can tell you this: we will run a shared workload in Windows Azure for the day in order to try to set some kind of World Record for being the biggest community event running the largest shared workload in a public cloud. We will feature pooling a huge global compute farm to perform research for charity!

Information about this Windows Azure deployment will follow and will be instructed through a pre-recorded video. Sounds great doesn’t it? Want to find out? Well you just have to come and register of course.

Q: Is Windows Azure, and thus this event is only for Devs and MS technology?

A: No, not at all!

Although the majority perhaps comes from the dev world doesn’t mean that this event and Windows Azure are limited to Development only. Hence, Windows Azure makes a great platform for running your own servers with custom apps on them. Nevertheless do check with the organizers of your local event if they have someone present on the subject and/or delivering training on IaaS. Also don’t forget that Windows Azure is OPEN, meaning you are able to run other stuff than .Net and Windows on the platform! It’s a perfect match if you are a LAMP Developer. And even when running a MAC you can play by using the CLI tools. There’s a Windows Azure flavor for everyone!

Q: If I’m an attendee is there anything I need to bring with me?

A: Each location may have a slightly different agenda, so make sure to check with your local organizer to see what software prerequisites you should have ready. These may be listed on the registration page for each event as well. In almost all cases you’ll want to bring a laptop if you can (don’t forget your power cord!) so that you can participate in the hands on labs. If you don’t have a laptop don’t worry, come anyway and make a friend to pair up with during the labs.

As mentioned above there are many different languages supported on Windows Azure. If your event is focused mostly on .NET then having the following installs ready on your laptop before you arrive would be helpful.

The training kit also has labs that can be performed with a MAC and the cross platform command line tools.

Again, check with your local organizer to verify what you should bring with you.

Q: You mention a global record attempt / project, so what is it actually about?

A: Sharks with freaking lasers (wait .. .what? uh? …)

Last year we had MVP Alan Smith (@alansmith) who prepared a little something based upon his 256 worker role demo – see This year we will put our compute power to work for charity. Do look for a location near you, register to join us and be part of this unique opportunity!!!