The Science Research on Breastcancer Lab – aka Charity Lab

You are here because you have read the organizer guide or an organizer directed you here. Good! Lets get this to work.

(note: to see this guide in Spanish, check David Rodriguez’ translation here)

Lab Deployment

The lab is based around deploying a Microsoft Azure Cloud Service package. This package contains a worker role which will do all the diabetes information number crunching. This so-called minion will be our guest of the day. And as with all minions, they need to come in large numbers! (Dave alone doesn’t suffice).

  1. Download the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service package. This file contains the actual science research lab.
  2. Download the service configuration file. This file contains the configuration directives which we will customize before deployment.
  3. Edit the configuration file with your editor of choice. Add the following information and save the file:
    • Instances Count: The more the merrier. This will depend on your Windows Azure subscription (typically 20 for a regular subscription is the maximum number).
    • LocationID values: The identifier for the event location you are at. Check this list and find yours!
    • AttendeeName: Please enter your name, so that we can gather some statistics.
    • AttendeeEmail: Please enter a valid e-mail address, so that we can contact you when minions are orphaned after the event. Your credit card thanks you.
    • Company: Please enter your company name (if applicable) so we can gather some statistics.

    Sample File

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <serviceconfiguration servicename="GlobalAzure.Lab.CloudService" xmlns="" osfamily="4" osversion="*" schemaversion="2014-06.2.4">
        <role name="GlobalAzure.Lab.Minion">
            <instances count="2" /> <!-- pump it up!!!! -->
                <!-- Enter the ID for your location. -->
                <!-- Location IDs can be found here - -->
                <setting name="LocationId" value="48" />
                <!-- Enter your name here. -->
                <setting name="AttendeeName" value="YOUR_NAME" />
                <!-- Enter your email here. This will stay private and will only be used in case of an issue with your minion.-->
                <setting name="AttendeeEmail" value="YOUR_EMAIL" />
                <!-- Replace GWAB with your company name if they are sponsoring the compute costs -->
                <setting name="Company" value="GAB" />
  4. Once this is done you can deploy the package to Windows Azure.
    • Go to the management portal at (sorry still no IBIZA here … 🙂 )
    • Log in with your credentials
    • Click + NEW
    • Select Compute | Cloud Service | Custom Create
    • Enter the DNS Name for your Cloud Service and the data center location where you want to deploy the minion(s), and check the Deploy a Cloud Service Package checkbox.
    • Give the deployment a name (this can be the same as the DNS name) and select the package and the configuration file you’ve downloaded and edited earlier.
    • Click the OK button at the bottom to start the deployment. Depending on the number of instances, your minions will be unleashed in about 10 to 20 minutes.
    • Once deployed, check here for the results and the competition here

Help, my role instances are unhealthy/rebooting?!?

It may happen that your role instances reboot every once in a while or that they appear unhealthy. This could be normal, as we try to cleanse the machines when new datasets are downloaded. Continuous rebooting over more than half an hour is suspicious, but a healthy reboot a day keeps the doctor away.

Other issues?

Tweet with the hashtag #GlobalAzureLab and the lab owners / global admins will troubleshoot or guide you through!