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    Asa Black

    Getting a 404 page error for this address:


    Asa Black

    + There was no instructions including information about the lab key.


    Martin Abbott

    Hi Asa,

    The page was still in Draft as the release was going to coincide with the newsletter.

    That release is imminent (some new content has been added) so I’ve flicked the page over to published, could you take a quick look?

    The page contains details about the lab key, but obviously if you couldn’t see the page that’s a problem!




    Asa Black

    Thanks Martin,

    Can I just confirm. The attendees will just install the game, play and compete for best track time, making it a fun community event? There is information saying: “Attendees will have read access to the data generated, allowing them to complete a hands-on lab and publish their own high-scores websites to Azure.” but no specific instruction on how to do so.


    Marius Zaharia

    Hi, any update on that? In addition, we don’t have keys – how we can get them? Only the location owner can get the key?
    Thanks –


    Marius Zaharia

    I will answer myself: yes only the location owner can get key; then he will share it with all the local audience.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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